Student Ambassador

Student Ambassador

Student ambassadors work to share the FIRST experience with event attendees, invited guests, and VIPs. They educate and engage guests by discussing the build season, game challenge, and inspire their continued motivation, passion, and commitment to FIRST.  Student ambassadors conduct tours, interface with invited guests, and interact with teams and students. Sound like fun? It is!

Student ambassadors generally have experience and skills in many of areas below. Missing a few? Come to one of the sessions. We are here to help you fill in the gaps!

  • Knowledge of FIRST including:
    • Build season length and restrictions
    • Robot design
    • Robot Building Materials
    • Fundraising/Sponsorship methods
    • Other FIRST programs
  • Knowledge of FIRST Game Challenge including:
    • Scoring Strategies
    • Game Objectives
    • Scoring Values
    • Robot build-restrictions
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Self-directed individual
  • Ability to move about the facility


Interested in signing up to be the student ambassador?  Sign-up using VIMS.


There will be a small training for all the student ambassador’s at the event.  Stay tuned for date and time.