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Team Briefing

Prior to our 2018 event, there will be a team briefing webinar with PowerPoint. Stay tuned for the date and details.

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Thank You Volunteers!

We have had an incredible response of people registering as volunteers for the FIRST Tech Challenge West Super-Regional.  Over 140 volunteers have registered from 11 different states and provinces:  Alaska, Arizona, British Columbia, California, Idaho, Indiana, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

One area where we could still use help at the event is the Student Ambassador position.   Student Ambassadors will work to share the FIRST experience with invited guests, teams, and students. They will educate and engage guests by discussing the build season, game challenge, and sharing their motivation, passion, and commitment to FIRST.  We will work around team schedules.  If you would be interested or know a student that would be a great fit please send them here  for more information.

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Give A Reason To Give Through Storytelling

In just under three weeks, the 4th annual FIRST Tech Challenge West Super Regional will commence in Tacoma Washington, bringing 73 teams across 13 Western States together to compete in the sport of science, technology and teamwork. The FTC West Steering Committee has been hard at work over the last eight months and is putting the final touches in assuring another fantastic experience for nearly 1,000 youth, 7th-12th grade.

In the race to build a STEM workforce, companies, individuals and private foundations are thirsty to help. The expense to put on a Super Regional competition is approximately $135K with many teams not understanding these costs as they only pay a $500 registration fee to FIRST. This accounts for roughly 35% of actual competition expenses. Many assume that all costs are passed onto teams, which gives them value for the dollars they donate. While fundraising has progressed well for this Super Regional, we are still shy of $8,000 and ask for all team’s assistance in reaching out into their networks to invite them to donate in financially supporting this competition.

With FIRST Tech Challenge continuing to grow dramatically in popularity with middle and high school students, now is the time for each team to help tell their story. There are hundreds if not thousands of companies, individuals and private foundations in each of our 13 states that want to not only help 1 team succeed, but many teams succeed. Let’s all join forces in helping to tell the impact the FIRST Tech Challenge program has on young people in preparing them for the jobs of today and tomorrow!

To donate please visit donate

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Excited about Super-Regional?

Congratulations! Your team made it to the FIRST ® Tech Challenge (FTC) West Super-Regional Championship!

You must be wondering what next, extend the team meetings through March, squeeze in those perfections to the robot, keep up the engineering notebook, raise funds for the trip, register for the event, book the hotels, inform the parents, schools and local media.

Relax! Take the moment to savor the win!  Yes, there are few things the team needs to do between now and the FTC West Super-Regional but let the students celebrate their success and reflect on what made them come this far.

You (the Coach) will be getting an official invitation letter from the organizers inviting you to register for the team.  There is time for you to coordinate all the activities.  We will keep you informed on making your trip to Super-Regional a fun and fulfilling trip.  In the mean time, do book mark and join the Facebook group  If you got any pressing questions you can always reach us at

Checkout the travel options that are available to the teams and don’t forget to checkout Visiting Seattle.

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Website Updated

In preparation for the March 2017 FTC Western US Championship we have updated our website.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to update this site.

Thank you to the volunteers who made this possible:

  • Kellie Essig – FIRST Washington Communications Coordinator
  • Nicholas Huber – Webmaster
  • Erin McCallum- FIRST Washington President
  • Pamela Meistrell – Graphic Designer
  • Ram Rathnam – Site Admin
  • Darrell Ross – Webmaster