For Those who Missed Our Team Informational Webinar Held on March 1.
Click HERE to view and download the slide show.  Click HERE to view the video posted on YouTube.

JUDGING – Answers to Some Questions:

  • Teams will have assigned judging times and escorted from their booth to the judging room. Please be at your booth at least ten minutes before your scheduled time.
  • Judge interviews last between 15 and 20 minutes. An earlier email may have implied a little strongly they end as a 5 minute presentation.
  • Teams are allowed the option of up to 5 minutes of formal presentation at the start of their 15 to 20 minute judges interview. Please make an effort to accommodate the judges need to ask questions about your team by limiting yourself to about 5 minutes or less. We are not using a timer, and there is no harsh cut off, but the judges may start asking questions after 5 minutes.
  • The purpose for this optional presentation is for your team to be able to highlight information about your team that they feel is important and that they want the judges to hear. It is optional. We are not grading you on presentation performance or style. This is a merely an option for your team to express things to the judges by allowing your team to direct the conversation for the first 5 minutes and for the judges to direct the other 10 to 15 minutes of conversation for the remaining time.
  • We are saying 15 to 20 minutes because there are times when the judges have either gathered enough information, or the teams have shown up a little late, or both.


Our Checklist will help Your Team Stay Organized.
Stay tuned for a detailed checklist that all teams will need as they prepare to attend the FTC West Super Regional Championship.

“Whether you are a veteran team who has attended past Super Regional events, or you are a rookie, our goal is for you to have a positive and fun experience.”



Team roster

FIRST Consent and Release Form for each student or coach / mentor, if not done electronically

Engineering notebook

Safety glasses for everyone who will be in the pits and on the competition fields

Completed self-inspection checklist(s)

Power strips for use in pit area

 Robot with phones, controllers and chargers

Laptop with programs

 Closed-toe shoes

 Rain gear and sun glasses!