Volunteer Assignment Status Update

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Volunteer Assignment Status Update

We have 73 teams registered from 13 western states and they are all very excited to attend the event. We have had a surge of volunteer registrations in the past few days as the final teams have qualified for the big event.

We will be working on finalizing assignments in the next few days.  Some of the roles remaining to be staffed are for the team events after the field and pits have closed for the day (6:30-10 pm).  We are unable to see from your general availability if volunteers are available in the evenings to help with team events.  If you are available Friday night to participate in the LeMay Museum team social or the Saturday Night Team Social at the Convention center, please drop us an email at volunteer@ftcwest.org so that we can place you in these custom roles that are not listed in VIMS.

For volunteers who are only available on Sunday, we may not have an assignment for you at this event.  The first preference for assignments will be the volunteers who are available for multiple days.  If you are available for multiple days at the event, please update your VIMS application so that it reflects which days you are available to volunteer – www.firstinspires.org/vims

Thank you for your volunteer support to make the FTC West Super-Regional event a great experience for teams, their coaches and families.  We very much appreciate each of you who has offered your time and talents to make this event successful.  We will notify all volunteers who have applied by early next week regarding your volunteer role assignment or status.