Team Briefing

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Team Briefing

Thank you for joining the Webinar.  Looking forward to seeing all of you at the FTCWest Super-Regional.  Go FIRST!

Team Briefing Materials

Here is the link to the PowerPoint and the Video recording.  We are compiling responses to all the questions we had and it is available here.

Question & Answers from the Team Briefing

  1. Powerpoint available later?

Yes. It can be accessed here.

  1. Any code for the hotels that we need at registration

Call GetSports at 888-877-4445 option 3 and mention that it is for FTC West Super-Regional

  1. For these award it says “before” March 3 – does that mean it’s due March 2? Thursday?

Submit them by March 3rd 5:00 PM pacific time.

  1. What email should a brochure entry be sent to?

You will be submitting them online.

  1. What is the deadline for the team ad?

Friday March 3rd 3:00 PM

  1. Can we add the team info later pay first/register and then add team info before Friday?


  1. Can we bring our own food and snacks?

Yes, but the conference center is requesting that you consume them outside the facility

  1. What about students with sever food allergies can they bring in their lunch and snack?

The Concession Stand available throughout the day does have food options that caters to those with food allergies.

  1. Could you please repeat the rule about music?

No amplified music.

  1. Is there wi-fi at the convention center. There is data from ftcroot that we may need to access?

Yes, there will be

  1. Are there places to eat?

Yes, there is a concession stand inside the convention center as well as few places to eat in walking distance.,-122.4411758,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m8!2m7!3m6!1sRestaurants!2sGreater+Tacoma+Convention+%26+Trade+Center,+1500+Broadway,+Tacoma,+WA+98402!3s0x549055744d668161:0xe464395e6d5c8dd5!4m2!1d-122.4389871!2d47.248525

  1. Can we bring water into venue?

Personal water bottle are allowed.

  1. Can we use cell phone data? LTE? And how is coverage?


  1. How long is the judging period?

Teams will be interviewed by the judges for 10 min.  For details refer to Game Manual 1.

  1. Can you come and go with the $12 parking?

No.  the fee is for one time use.

  1. On Thursday will the practice field also be open?

No.  The practice fields are available on Friday/Saturday/Sunday only.

  1. How many judging sessions will each team go through?


  1. Is transportation provided to the evening social?

There is a free Link Rail option.  Please note that the last run of the complementary Link rail for the day is 10PM

  1. What is the schedule for the practice files – do we only get an hour on Friday?

The practice fields will not be open on Thursday but will be open all day Friday.  The competition fields will be open for 1 hr on Friday.

  1. Can we bring other tables for the pits?

Yes as long as the table stays within your 10ft x 10ft pit area.

  1. Are there chairs?


  1. Are we allowed to have a pVC frame like an ez up, but without the canopy?

Yes, as long as it confines to the 10’ height restriction and doesn’t pose any hazard or violate safety

  1. Will we be give the judging schedule for Friday ahead of check in?


  1. Will the photographer be there all 3 days so teams can continue to take photos?

You will be assigned a specific time slot for taking the picture.

  1. Are awards separated by division?


  1. Will the pits be secured in the evening? Can we leave our robot overnight?


  1. Rained out requires a private group keyword – what is it?

There is no private group – you don’t require one to sign-up

  1. What volunteer help is still needed?

None at this moment, check the volunteer assignment status update blog in

  1. Is there a location for a school bus?

They will be able to drop-off and park at paid surface lot.

  1. Will there be online, live results?

There will not be any game by game live results.

  1. Can we bring a full size tool chest i.e. 5’ wide x 3’ tall?


  1. Any preferred airport shuttle service you recommend?

We don’t have one.

  1. Do you have a website to show the game scores, statistics etc.?

FTCWest.Org will be our primary website for any communication.

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