Block Party Team List

Congratulations to all teams for an awesome tournament!


Team Number
Team Name
Team City
Team State
Team Links
135 Fusion San Diego CA  Gold web, FB
267 EMP Portland OR  Silicon
724 RedNeK Robotics Won Sun River Valley MT  Silicon
2844 Valley X Robotics Chandler AZ  Silicon web, FB
2997 Beauty Bot and the Beasts Caldwell ID  Gold web, FB
3035 Royal Robotics Bothell WA  Gold web  
3208 Team Rockit Anchorage AK  Silicon  
3525 BanksBots, The Farewell Tour Banks OR  Silicon
3595 Schrodinger’s Hat Fairbanks AK  Silicon  
3746 Neco Robo Knights Ft Morgan CO  Silicon FB
3792 SunChasers Bethel, Quinhagak, Tununak, Napaskiak, Kipnuk AK  Gold web  
3848 Shockwave Encinitas CA  Gold web, FB  
3873 Scotbotics Piedmont CA  Gold web 
4092 Nanites Portland OR  Gold web, FB  
4112 Warriors San Diego CA  Silicon web, FB
4238 RCGFoPL El Dorado Hills CA  Gold web, FB
4278 De.Evolution San Diego CA  Silicon web, FB
4287 Red Meteors Aurora CO  Silicon web  
4480 The Blue Dwarves Junction City OR  Gold
4508 E=mc^Squirreled Beaverton OR  Silicon  
4512 West Torrance Robotics Torrance CA  Silicon web, FB  
4535 RedNeK Robotics TOO Sun River Valley MT  Gold  
4625 Kings & Queens Monrovia CA  Silicon FB  
4790 Area 52 Robotics Las Vegas NV  Gold  
4855 Batteries in Black Portland OR  Gold web, FB, G+
4953 Hue Anchorage AK  Silicon  
4963 NOVA Folsom CA  Silicon web, FB
5024 Tesla Tazers Twin Falls ID  Silicon
5026 Tesla Coils Twin Falls ID  Gold web, FB
5036 Absent Minded Geniuses Glide OR  Gold  
5069 Robo Gamers New York City NY  Gold web  
5151 Infinity Fremont CA  Silicon web, FB
5215 THAT Team Anchorage AK  Gold  
5220 Robo Knights Fremont CA  Gold web
5250 Loading… Pierre SD  Silicon web, FB
5266 Blackhawks Hood River OR  Gold  
5279 Positrons San Diego CA  Gold
5532 Wolf Bots Eagle River AK  Silicon
5555 Option 16 San Diego CA  Silicon web
5604 Thunderbots Vancouver WA  Silicon FB  
5661 SHPE Wolves Goodyear AZ  Gold FB
5667 Robominers Park City UT  Silicon  
5826 Metal Ducks Hemet CA  Silicon web  
5880 The Mad Roboticists Longmont CO  Gold  
5895 The Ladybots Park City UT  Gold  
5939 Team AFOOFA Portland OR  Silicon web, FB  
6002 Basilisks Pacifica CA  Silicon web
6024 The Enterprisers Reno NV  Silicon web, FB
6077 Syntax Error Santa Barbara CA  Gold  
6112 Wolf Byte Eagle River AK  Gold
6424 Oly Cow Olympia WA  Gold
6471 Panthers Chandler AZ  Silicon web  
6559 Geared Reaction Camas WA  Silicon FB  
6565 Stuffed Dragons San Diego CA  Gold FB
6585 Circuit Boardum Salem OR  Silicon  
6741 Bulldog Robotics Hermiston OR  Silicon  
6930 Syntax Error 42 Portland OR  Gold  
6935 PARADOX Portland OR  Silicon  
6978 EnviroBots Oregon City OR  Silicon FB  
7013 Hot Wired Robotics Portland OR  Silicon FB
7057 Teslanators Kimberly ID  Silicon web  
7187 Team Axis Lake Oswego OR  Gold  
7227 Scorpion Robotics Edwards Air Force Base CA  Gold FB
7303 Robo Avatars Fremont CA  Gold web
7369 SSA Golden Eagles Phoenix AZ  Gold web, FB
7493 AI – Augmented Inventions Loveland CO  Gold  
7591 Voltage of Imagination Fremont CA  Gold
7817 The TaterBotz Snohomish WA  Gold web  
7907 Stark Industries Auburn CA  Silicon  
8045 Gromit’s Grommets Pleasant Hill OR  Gold web, FB, G+  
8056 IronMen (fe Male) Newberg OR  Silicon  
8231 Skyhawk Bismarck ND  Gold





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