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“The FIRST organization is a world class operation, filled with wonderful people, following a great vision, and is the best investment in time (and our future) one can make. Being a part of FIRST Tech Challenge – West (or FTC West) means working in a community that cares for the future, interacting with youth and adult mentors who inspire each other and thrive on growing to become a better people. I cannot think of a more rewarding, inspiring and fruitful way to give my time to our youth, and befriend like-minded adult leaders. If you volunteer and are open to truly see what is happening among the individuals, across the teams, throughout the events and within the FIRST Organization, your life and outlook will be positively changed.”

Richard Gomez

( FIRST Volunteer Since 2007 )

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Give A Reason To Give Through Storytelling

In just under three weeks, the 4th annual FIRST Tech Challenge West Super Regional will commence in Tacoma Washington, bringing 73 teams across 13 Western States together to compete in the sport of science, technology and teamwork. The FTC West Steering Committee has been hard at work over the last eight months and is putting

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Excited about Super-Regional?

Congratulations! Your team made it to the FIRST ® Tech Challenge (FTC) West Super-Regional Championship! You must be wondering what next, extend the team meetings through March, squeeze in those perfections to the robot, keep up the engineering notebook, raise funds for the trip, register for the event, book the hotels, inform the parents, schools

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Website Updated

In preparation for the March 2017 FTC Western US Championship we have updated our website.

Thank you to the volunteers who made this possible:

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